About us

Lost Glasgow is an internet page devoted to the documentation, discussion and appreciation of Glasgow's changing architecture and its community throughout the last few centuries, and more!

Acting as an online, interactive archive 'Lost Glasgow' allows its followers to share, discuss and learn from the city's colourful past through like minded individuals and even the city's own residents.

All images on this page have been submitted to us by individuals or groups from their own private collections, are images that we have collected and received explicit permission to upload and recreate, or that we have sourced from websites/collectors' archives that offer free and welcome distribution of their material. Copyright holders are credited on each post and within their relevant album.

Disclaimer notice

We want this site to work for everyone - If you notice an image which you believe to be uploaded without permission, please let us know and we shall investigate and deal with the issue accordingly.

We rely a lot on people submitting their own images - If you wish to contribute your own images or collection to the Lost Glasgow site, PLEASE email us with both your written consent for us to use the material as well as your declaration of owning the copyright to the included images!

If you've any concerns about the issues of copyright but still wish to contribute, please email us and we'll try our best to assist! Please direct all contact / enquiries / submissions to: lostglasgow@gmail.com

You can, of course, continue to find us on our Lost Glasgow Facebook page.