Some of you seem to have got the wrong end of the stick from my last post.

Just to be clear: Lost Glasgow isn't going anywhere - I'm here for the duration - LG is my hobby and my passion - it's my day job that gone tits up, meaning I will soon have even more time to dedicate to the site (mind you, how I'll pay my mortgage is another question, for another day).

Speaking of being all fingers and thumbs, here's another Oscar Marzaroli classic, from 1974, which offers layer upon layer of wibbly-wobbly reflections. I love the Birrells sign and the lorry reflected in the glass.

We're in Byres Road, where this cobbler is hard at work - breathe in, and you can probably catch a whiff of the wonderful glue and leather smells which used to waft from such shops.

Growing up, I often wondered why the two guys in our local cobblers were both disabled - presumably from childhood polio - until I discovered that, back in the day, shoe mending was one of the skills taught in disabled schools, meaning the young men had a trade to support them when they left.

I'm lucky, I have a good cobbler just around the corner, who has saved numerous favourite pairs of boots and shoes. Another one of those great wee independent local shops that will need all our support to see it through the tough times ahead.

LG isn't only about me, it's about you, it's about us; and we - wherever you are in the world - are all in this together...