A wonderfully bustling image, looking north up Buchanan Street, in 1903 - and all life is here.

Buchanan Street, looking north, 1903One for the football fans

The photographer must been almost outside the entrance to the Argyll Arcade, and I suspect he was up a wee step-ladder (he never knew his real ladder), as the folk in the foreground appear to be looking up to his camera antics.

There's building work going on further up the street, on the right, and a leerie, up a ladder, on the left, inspecting a gas light. We've carts, barras, a Hansom cab - complete with a top-hatted driver, and - if the date is correct - what must have been one of the city's last horse-drawn trams.

Zooming in, further up the street on the left, just beside some roadworks, there's even some interest for football fans, with man carrying a placard advertising a Rangers Vs Renton match at Ibrox Park.