Two competing views of Taylor Street, in Townhead, separated by 64 years, and two different techniques.

Taylor Street, Townhead, 1891, by David Young CameronCorner of Ronald and Taylor Streets, 1955, by Bert Hardy.

David Young Cameron's 1891 etching captures the top of the street, and a few of the local worthies, when thatch was still considered a suitable roofing material.

Bert Hardy's 1955 photograph, for Picture Post, captures all the scuffing wellies boredom of a wet wander to the shops with your mum. The Top o' the Hill pub, on a corner site, had two different addresses; 2 Ronald Street and 83a Taylor Street.

Today, although a section of Taylor Street still exists, the area has been so battered about by demolition and the expansion of the Strathclyde University campus, it's almost impossible to place this near-forgotten corner on a modern map.