'Scuse me, son. Which way are the docks?'

While we might complain about traffic snarl ups today, nothing could compare to the tram jams when one of these behemoths took to the tracks.

Loaded onto a low loader, this locomotive, built for Malayan Railways, was trundling past Charing Cross, in 1946, en-route from The North British Locomotive works, in Springburn, to Finnieston Quay, for onward passage to the East.

Such scenes were once a familiar site in the city, with NBL building fleets of massive locos for most of the world's railways.

Today, not only has most of North Street, the road the loco is going down, vanished, sacrificed for the M8, but, with the closure, in July, of Gemini's St Rollox Caley site, so too has Springburn's 163-year history of railway engineering.