Intrigued this morning by this picture from Glasgow City Archives, showing the corner of Gordon and Buchanan Street, in 1940.

Henry Burton & Co, on the corner of Buchanan and Gordon Street, 1940 (Glasgow City Archives)That brass beauty, in 1982 (This is Retail)

What caught my eye - apart from traffic in Gordon Street - was Burton's corner, with its wonderful big brass roundel, advertising the firm's wares; it read 'H Burton & Co, hosier, shirtmaker, glover, outfitter', and was always polished within an inch of its life.

You could, literally, see your face in it - so, as a small boy, I used it as a distorting mirror, pulling all kinds of silly faces, at which point my mum or dad would caution me by saying: "Be careful the wind doesn't change direction!."

If memory serves, I think I was only once ever in the shop, when my dad was treating himself to a new umbrella.

The salesman took me and my dad out onto the street to open the brolly (bad luck doing so indoors), then, as we went back in, wrapped and furled its silky blackness back into perfect shape.

My dad commented: "I don't think I'll be able to do that as quickly."

"Don't worry," said the salesman, "this isn't for use, t's just for show."

"What do I do if the rain comes on?" asked my dad.

"Well, sir," said the salesman with a wink, "you step the edge of the pavement, lift your umbrella to 135 degrees, and shout 'taxi!"

The brass roundel - much like my late dad - disappeared long ago. I wonder what became of it.