Thanks to our friend Chris Doak, we're off for a nostalgic daunder around the Calton.

Territory Marker.London Road at Schipka Pass and the bridge over the Molendinar.Schipka Pass.White Tower Restaurant, Gallowgate.Camp Coffeee, Charlotte Street.The Clyde Vaults, Gallowgate.GallowgateHurrell's Bar, Gallowgate,and the coffin kiosk on McFarlane Street.Robertson's Furniture Store, Bain Street.The back of 378 Gallowgate (now the Hielan' Jessie pub).Loch Fyne Seafood Bar,London Road.Wall plaque, Calton Burial Ground, Abercromby Street .Rear of tenement at Orr Street/Crownpoint Road.Lunchtime nap, Bain Street.

Chris says: "The recent photo of the old Chippie on the Gallowgate,reminded me of the couple of rolls of black and white film that I ran off in Calton back in 1975.

"A summer assignment from Architecture (up at the Art School) was for each of us students to carry out a measured survey. However, I was working the summer months as a labourer and crane-boy at the Kelvindale Paper Mill, and I ran out of time to get a proper survey organised.

"As a frequent visitor to the Barras, I was familiar with the Market and its environs,and decided to carry out a wee 'visual survey' of those aspects of the area which interested me. Not a comprehensive survey as such, but just a couple of days cycling around and snapping.

"I would like to think that this small sample of the images (or some of them) would be of interest to the Lost Glasgow Gang."