About time too! This Saturday, a plaque will be unveiled to the memory of Matt McGinn - 'McGinn o' the Calton' - one of the city's true folk heroes.

A legend in his own lunchtime, McGinn - a full-time member of Glasgow's awkward squad - was a true maverick, going from an approved school to Oxford University, and on to become a much-loved teacher, poet and songwriter.

He was also the man who launched Glasgow's first adventure playground, 'The Venny', in the Gorbals.

It's also worth remembering that when US folk legend Pete Seeger took Matt Stateside, our Matt played at New York's Carnegie Hall - considerably further up the bill than a young guitar-slinger called Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan).

A friend and inspiration to Billy Connolly, hopefully this event, and the following 'hootenanny,' at the nearby Old Burnt Barns pub, in London Road, will spark a McGinn revival.

The fun start in Ross Street, at 3pm, with the plaque unveiling, followed by music, poetry, and songs in the Old Burnt Barns pub, in London Road.

Grab your jacket, don't be late, 'Murder! Polis!' in the Gallowgate...