Sixty years ago this week, Coventry-born photojournalist Allan Hailstone was out exploring Glasgow, and, much like this week, the weather was brilliant; drawing tribes of Glasgow weans out to play on the quiet streets and pavements of the Gorbals.

Gie us a haun up! Even beer deliveries were a source of excitementAll fun and games until someone loses an eye! Some of the city's infamous Blackfoot TribeThat's a pretty pramKeeping an eye on the wee yinsPlaying chalksNew Asian neighboursA break and bit to eat on an old car seatSafely on the pavementTaken for a rideWhen the weans ruled the streets

Obviously, any pictures taken this week will show a very different city, with few cars, no weans, and only the odd adult or cyclist out and about.

You can view all Allan's Glasgow April 1960 images at: