I love Thomas Sulman's panoramic bird's eye view of Glasgow. Every time I look at it I see something new or intriguing.

Created for the London Illustrated News, and published in 1864, it saw Sulman hoisted aloft in a tethered balloon to look down on our great and gallus city.

This detail is one of my favourites, showing the original Bridge Street railway station; masses of tall masters on the Clyde, a few of the new, fangled steamships; the warehouses and workshops of Tradeston; the elegant terraces and squares of Laurieston; and the bustling traffic on Thomas Telford's Glasgow/Jamaica bridge.

Peering across to the Broomielaw, I can see the round tower of the old Sailors' Home, and the giant tobacco warehouse which still stands in James Watt Street.

Good, too, to get a glimpse of Grahamston before it was levelled and cleared to make way for today's Central Station.