With a new bridge design approved to link Govan and Partick, let's tiptoe back to the days when you could still walk across our lazy river.

In 1913, stepping stones were found on the site of new building berths at the Linthouse Shipyard.

Members of the Old Govan Club examined the site and the stones, and from the report of club secretary John L Burnett, and referring to Blaeu's Atlas of 1694, in 1918, artist T C F Brotchie recreated the view of the old ford at this stretch of the River Clyde.

The stepping stones were laid from the south bank out to the island, "Whytinch" (Whiteinch) in mid-stream and on to the north bank of the river. The smaller island to the left is Buck's Inch.

As Glasgow 'made the Clyde', the islands, along with all other impediments to navigation, were dug, dredged and dynamited out of existence.

Much as I enjoy a hurl on the wee Govan Ferry, a permanent link can only help boost both sides of the Clyde, and let the Govanites once again shake hands with their Partick pals.

You can watch a video of the planned swing bridge at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=33&v=aZBEkbYClOQ&feature=emb_logo