Much taken with this 1955 picture of Lyoncross Road, in Pollok.

Why? Well, not only do I know the wee copse of trees in the foreground, just above the Levern Water, but if I turned around, I know I'd see Crookston Castle - scene of many a mock sword fight in my younger days.

Even better, looking north, I can see the bare top of Cardonald Hill.

Eleven years after this picture was taken, Cardonald Primary School was built on the hill and, five years after that, I started getting into trouble for sliding down the hill on my bottom and regularly ripping the erse out of my school shorts.

Even better, and although we schoolkids didn't know it at the time, one of the locals living opposite the school, was a wee guy, with a shock of dark hair, gap teeth, and a lovely big dog, called 'Dug'. At playtime, he'd often bring it over to the school gates, so we could all pat it.

It was only years later that I discovered the man in question had been the 'sensational' Alex Harvey!

Looking down on Lyoncross Road, that wee row of shops, on the left, is still there, as is the nursery school on the other side of the road.

The high flats in the distance, on the right, are the Moss Heights, Glasgow's first multi-storey blocks.