With the big Christmas switch-on taking place last night, let's look in wonder at this image of Sauchiehall Street in December 1962.

What’s so amazing about this pic, apart from the lights, is to be reminded that the whole length of Sauchiehall Street once roared with two-way traffic. Here, we are looking east from just west of the West Campbell/Cambridge Street junction.

The magnificent tunnel of lights, then funded by both the council and local shop owners, stretching almost as far as the start of the now vanished Parliamentary Road, has turned night into day.

A trip up town to admire the lights was always a must at this time of year - up Sauchie, doon Buckie, and alang Argyle - finishing off in George Square. If you didn't want to walk, or didn't own a car, you could hitch a ride on the Christmas Lights Bus, which used to follow the root of the best illuminations - there was always a real tussle to grab the best seats on the top deck.

Now, if only the photographer had turned his camera a wee bit further to the right, we could have enjoyed a right good nosy at the illuminated Christmas window displays in the old Daly’s department store.