Architect John Archibald Campbell can never have imagined that one day his magnificent, red sandstone office block, at 166 Buchanan Street, built in 1898, as the Britannia Assurance Building, would one day have a bigger brother.

Architect John Archibald Campbell's Britannia Assurance Building, Buchanan Street (Picture: Archiseek)How the planned Buchanan Street elevation will look (Picture: Land Securities)How the planned Dundas Square block will look (Picture: Land Securities)

In its heyday, the building, one of Glasgow's 'jolly red giants', was also home to the British Workman’s and General Assurance Company.

Sadly, the top end of Buchanan Street has lost much of its original character, with most of the late Georgian/early Victorian buildings swept away to be replaced by the concrete and glass boxes of the Buchanan Galleries.

With new plans unveiled to do away with the wee tartan tat shop just north of this block, the city's former tourist office, it's all change again.

Land Securities, which owns the shopping centre, has submitted an application requesting permission to start work on a 10-storey extension.

It would have shops on the lower levels, facing Buchanan Street, with offices at the rear, in Dundas Square, facing the main entrance to Queen Street Station - so commuters can look forward to yet more disruption!

On the upside, Dundas Square has always been a wee bit tatty, and this should tidy it up. Also, the artist's impression shows The Vale Bar - a student haunt of mine, and very handy for a pint before catching a train - turned back into a pub, having served as the temporary station ticket office for the last couple of years.

The upstairs lounge of The Vale used to be a 1950's dream of streamlined wood panelling, Sputnik-legged tables, and red, Naugahyde seating. It also had a brilliant jukebox, loaded with classic Country and Rock 'n' Roll records.

Hopefully, Sammy Dow's will also tidy up their act, as the pub's exterior hardly says 'Welcome to Glasgow'.

That said, it's a tricky site, with parts of Buchanan Street Subway beneath the development footprint, so I hope the engineers have got their sums right!