Bet he smokes like a lum!

Another cracker from those 1950's contact sheets, with a workie lugging a brand new lum, complete with its twirling 'granny' on top - so called because they resembled the mob caps worn by elderly Victorian ladies.

We're standing outside the Sauchiehall Street entrance to the Glasgow Empire Theatre, where, playing that week are: Harry Bailey, the 5 Smith Brothers, the Richards Sisters, Sirdani, and Dorothy Ward.

Not sure if the Sirdani advertised was the same 'Magical Enigma', who had been taking his glass-eating act around the music halls since the 1920s. Doing two shows a night, he must have munched an awful lot of tumblers.

Also, love the fact that, thanks to Sauchiehall Street's East/West axis, we can tell that this pic was taken first thing in the morning, with the rising Sun casting wonderful long shadows, and the figures acting like gnomon on a giant sundial.