Out for a few essentials this morning, and Glasgow already feels eerily quiet; even friends and neighbours, rightly, keeping their distance as they bid you 'good morning', and ask how you're getting on.

Covid-19 has already kicked me square in the haw-maws, with all Lost Glasgow talks and events cancelled for the foreseeable, and, last night, a call to say that, due to the current situation, my freelance writing contract - my 9 to 5, my bread and butter - is to be cancelled at the end of this month.

In the great scheme of things, my problems don't count as a hill o' beans; but I worry for the wider Lost Glasgow community - and I do think of you as a community - all our older followers, many living alone, for whom getting out and about to the shops is perhaps the only human contact they have in the day.

With pubs, theatres and restaurants going dark, and events cancelled left, right and centre, social channels are going to become even more important in letting us come together to share our hopes and fears.

Whatever happens over the coming days, weeks, months, Glasgow will be feeling a wee bit lost and bewildered, and, come the all clear, we will emerge, blinking, into a changed city - hopefully one that has become a bit more kind and caring.

Remember, we might be isolated, but we are not alone. Stay strong Glasgow.