Look what loveliness just arrived in the post, from America, where it was wrongly listed as a brewery ashtray. Worth £7 of anyone's money (just don't mention the £21 postage costs!).

While I'd previously seen black and white versions of this ashtray, I'd never seen a coloured one; and, as a Wilson, and a bit of an old boiler myself, I couldn't resist.

Love this entry for the firm from an 1888 business directory.

Messrs. Wm. Wilson & Co., Lilybank Boiler Works, Eglinton Street, Lilybank Road, and Pollokshaws Road.—

There are few industries in the Scottish commercial metropolis which have received better or more creditable development of late years than that of boiler-making ; and prominent among the great representative firms of Glasgow engaged in this highly important department of constructive manufacture stands that of Messrs. William Wilson & Co., controlling the well-known Lilybank Boiler Works. This notable house was founded in 1852 by its present principal, Mr. William Wilson, and its industry has from the first been centred at the present location. The works here occupy a triangular area of ground about 2,500 square yards in superficial extent, and constitute one of the largest and most important centres of the boiler-making industry in or near Glasgow.

Messrs. Wilson are very extensive makers of Cornish, Lancashire, Adamson, Galloway, multi-tubular, and every other type of boilers in iron or steel, and have developed a special feature in land boilers of all classes. Within the last four years they have laid down at the Lilybank Works a complete plant of new machinery, a step necessitated by the introduction of steel into the construction of steam boilers, and in connection with the same they brought out machinery for drilling instead of punching the rivet-holes in the plates. By this new method, which has entirely superseded the punching process at Lilybank, Messrs. Wilson are enabled to get a considerably cleaner and truer hole.

Among the other improvements now embodied in their productions, in the matter of actual construction, are the planing of the edges of plates, and the boring out of Galloway tube-holes in flues and flue-holes, also turning the edges of end-plates, together with many other noteworthy points and features in manufacture, all accomplished by the most perfect machinery, and all tending in some measure to enhance the worth of the completed boiler. All boilers are tested and guaranteed sound and tight at double their working pressure, and are mounted complete to the requirements of the boiler insurance companies.

Messrs. Wilson have supplied some of the most important works in Scotland, and in the East and West Indies, &c., with boilers of all kinds and descriptions, and have at present a set of boilers, with all the latest improvements, at 110 lbs. working pressure, used in driving the heavy machinery at the Glasgow International Exhibition. The firm, who employ about fifty hands, have an international reputation as boiler-makers, and their productions are known, esteemed, and in constant use in practically every quarter of the globe.

The works at Lilybank are conducted under the personal supervision of Mr. Wm. Wilson himself, ably assisted by one of his sons, who, like his father, is possessed of a thorough practical acquaintance with every detail of the industry ; and the excellent facilities and improved appliances at command are turned to the best and fullest account by the greatest care and precaution being taken to produce the most satisfactory and perfect boilers that can be constructed by the combined efforts of skilled manual labour and the best mechanical service.