With the sad news that Watt Brothers is to shut up shop, let's zoom back to October 1953, when this trio of well-dressed gals, arm in arm, waltzed past the warm glow of the store's big display windows on Hope Street.

Watt's were wise to the ways of selling, so installed a second, raised floor of display windows, so you could keek in from the top deck of the tram.

Looking ahead, I can see the signage for Dunn & Co, on the next corner, and Theatre Royal sign all atwinkle but, try as I might, I can't quite read the big vertical Neon on the left.

Somewhere about there would have been the New Savoy Cinema, which later became The Majestic (Magic Stick) ballroom.

Every time I used to pass Watt's window, I'd stop for a nosey, and, seeing my own reflection, I'd also sometimes catch the reflections of all those departed Glasgow ghosts - my mum, my aunties, my two grannies - who would have stood in the same spot.

With the Watt Bros' lights dimming, Glasgow will be a wee bit darker this winter.