An eighth and final photographic wander with our friend Jos Treen, and this time we're having a daunder from Maryhill into the city centre, down to Glasgow Green, and up to the Necropolis.

Skating on thin ice. Local lads take their lives in their hands to test the thickness of the ice at Kelvin Dock on the Forth and Clyde Canal.The Kelvin Dock pub.The Grants building looks terrible familiar, but I can't quite place it.On, I think, the upper reaches of the River Kelvin.It's all downhill from here!The Quarter Gill pub, on the corner of Dumbarton Road and Hyndland StreetLooking west in Royal Bank PlaceBridging the gap.The amphitheatre on the Clyde WalkwayHaving a wee refreshmentA quick 40-winks in the sun, at the opening to St Enoch Square.Down beside the Briggait. These Clyde Street building went long ago, and the site is now home to the Clutha's beer garden.One of the winged horses atop the former Briggait Fish Market, and the tower of the former Merchants House, complete with the group's trademark galleon insignia.Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference. Down on Glasgow Green.Glasgow's own 'Bridge of Sighs', spanning the valley of the Molendinar Burn to the Necropolis.School of hard Knox. The Protestant reformer casts a judgemental eye over Glasgow. Just as well the angel appears to have brought a brolly.

Jos, who took these pictures in 1978, says: "I have really enjoyed doing this. I always hoped these pictures would find a home and they have found a very good home with you and LG. It also feels like I have given a little something back to city that made me, carved something into my soul.

"When I sent the first set to you back in August I was very nervous and was convinced you would reject them as not being good enough!

"And a very big thank you to the followers of LG for all their comments and for sharing their precious memories.

"And finally, thanks to you Norry for taking the time and trouble to write such great narrative to accompany and 'frame' the pictures."

So, c'mon, folks, grab yer hat, we're off for a wander...