Another day, another book giveaway.

While this week marks the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, it also marks the bicentenary of a far darker period in our history, the Radical Rising of 1820.

In April that year, in the aftermath of the economic crash that followed the long years of the Napoleonic Wars, a series of dramatic events exploded around Glasgow, central Scotland and Ayrshire. Revolution was in the air.

Demanding political reform and better living and working conditions, some 60,000 weavers and other workers went on strike. Radicals marched under a flag emblazoned with the words 'Scotland Free, or Scotland a Desart' [sic], whilst others armed themselves with homemade pikes and set off for the Carron Ironworks seeking cannons.

When this small band - it could hardly be called an army, there were only about 30 men and boys - were intercepted by Government soldiers and cavalry, a bloody skirmish took place at Bonnymuir, near Falkirk.

A military curfew was imposed on Glasgow and Paisley.

Aiming to free Radical prisoners, a crowd in Greenock was attacked by the Port Glasgow Militia. Among the dead were a 65-year-old woman and a young boy.

In the vicious recriminations that followed, three Radical leaders, John Baird, Andrew Hardie and James Wilson, were hanged and beheaded, while 19 others were transported to Australia.

Maggie Craig's new book, 'One Week in April: The Scottish Radical Rising of 1820' (£20, Birlinn Ltd) brings fresh understanding and insight to these pivotal events in Scottish social and political history, and, the story, with its Government spies, informers, brave men and women, and selfless champions of democracy, reads almost like a modern political thriller.

Thanks to our friends at Birlinn, I have five copies of the book to give away. Just leave a comment below and, come Saturday, I'll pick the winners' names from my Phrygian cap - the ancient Greek symbol of freedom and democracy the Radicals often carried at the head of their protest meetings.

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