A classic picture share from site fan Colin McCurrach

He says: "This was sent to me by my cousin who found it in her late mother's photo box. We think it may be our grandfather, having compared it to the very few pictures we have of him (he died in 1945). Just a man taking a break from his work to enjoy his pieces."

I love all the wee details - you can almost smell the wood shavings - the violin peg block on the wall, for bending and shaping wood; the array of planes, chisels, drills, and hammers; the neatly patched knee of his trousers; the tackety boots; the fire-blackened tea can, and the jacket hung on a nail.

Even though this Glasgow luthier was living more than 200 years after Italian master Antonio Stradivari - and most likely didn't have a word of Italian - I like to think that the two master craftsmen would have bonded over the common language of wood.

If those old hands could tell stories, they'd write volumes...

I wonder what he had in his piece?