We're back with another lamp standard today, only this is at the centre of these weans' world; a place to meet, a den, a base for games of hide and seek, and, if no grown ups are looking, the ideal spot to create a makeshift swing.

A quick sling up with a bit of old rope, or a discarded sheet, and the crosss-spars, intended for the leerie's ladder, provided the ideal anchoring point for a swinging time.

The fun only ended when, with a mighty metallic 'clang', hip, shoulder, knee or head connected with the unforgiving iron; after which there would be about three seconds of stunned silence before the brave wee soldier burst into a wail that would wake the nightshift.

Still, if any real damage was done, they were handy for the Royal Infirmary, and someone might end up with the bragging rights of a big, white stookie.

These wee Townhead tykes, all shorts, sannies, slipped socks, and even a leather helmet, are busy helping their pal reach new heights.

I'm sure the pair of ladies giving them dirty looks are going to dob them in to their parents.

Photographed by Haywood Magee, in 1955, for Picture Post, we're on the corner Taylor Street and Parson Street.