It will be a very different Bonfire night this year.

Much as I enjoy fireworks, you can't beat a good bonfire - the smell, the sparks, the roar, the heat. Your face burning, your back and bahookie freezing.

From our cavemen ancestors, telling tales around a fire, to us, staring into the glow of our laptops, phones and tablets, we all feel drawn to the light (and, let's be honest, Guy Fawkes night is really just a relatively modern update of the ancient Celtic Samhain fire festivals).

In the weeks before the big night, local weans would revert to the behaviour of their hunter/gatherer ancestors; searching out every combustible to add to the pyre, and guarding it fiercely against any other invading 'tribes'.

Back in 1978, this Glasgow bonfire was at the centre of a blazing row, when police told the kids their bonny was too big. But as police reinforcements arrived, the youngsters, backed by their parents, stood firm. Eventually, after a sergeant had calmed everything down, the police relented - and the bonfire was soon blazing away merrily.