While the rest of the world was celebrating The Summer of Love, Glasgow was getting groovy at the Kelvin Hall.

Lulu and Miss Record Catherine Cummings have the key to the doorThe names on the billLulu drops in - nice to see the collar and cuffs match!DJ Don Moss picks up some hitchhikersFormer boxer turned band leader Freddie Mack with some of the Daily Record 'dollies'. Freddie, with his remarkable voice, later found fame as DJ Mr Superbad on Radio ClydeUmpa, umpa, stick it up yer jumper! DJ Stuart Henry gets his collar felt by pipe bandsman Mick FoxLulu and Miss Record unveil the line upTristram (the 7th Earl of Cricklewood) of The New Vaudeville BandGet a bloomin' Move on! Birmingham's finest give Miss Record a lift. That's Roy Wood, later of ELO, then Wizard, second from left, and ELO drummer Bev Bevan on the far rightAll Day, and All of the Night. The Kinks closed the show.

In March that year, the week-long, Daily Record-sponsored, Scene '67 event saw some of the biggest (and smallest) names in pop parade their musical wares for Glasgow's cool kids.

Forget free love, LSD and funny fags, this was more an Embassy Tipped and a frothy coffee in the Orlando Cafe kind of event.

That said, there were some great bands playing, including The Move, and The Kinks, still two of my all time favourite acts.

It wasn't all musical magic, also on the bill were Kenny Ball and his Jazzband, the Scottish National Orchestra, and Ireland's Miami Showband, who, in 1975, would fall victim to a murderous attack by loyalist terrorists.

Local lassie Lulu and Miss Record Catherine Cummings did the honours on opening day, while a pop parade of big name DJs helped keep Glasgow's teenyboppers on their toes.

Even more daring, particularly when you are wearing a miniskirt, Lulu later parachuted onto the stage (ok, was lowered on a cable) to greet her fans - most of whom no doubt said: 'I knew her faither', or wondered 'what's happened to her accent?'.

Pictures: Daily Record