Doing my regular ration run to the West End for my elderly, housebound uncle, I always like to get stopped at the lights at the top of Clarence Drive, at Hyndland Road.

Why? Because I always like to look up to one of the flats opposite, to see my old pal Paddington Bear looking out, and keeping an ursine eye on his friends and neighbours, as he has done for almost 40 years.

Looked after by pensioner Nan Shearer, Paddington is usually surrounded by postcards, from well-wishers from around the world.

Today, when I looked up, I noticed that one of his little friends had painted a beautiful picture of a rainbow, and Nan had pinned it in the window above Paddington's head - a sign of brighter days to come.

I don't mind admitting, it brought a lump to my throat.

If I could have found a place to park, I would have grabbed a photo, but with everyone at home, there wasn't a gap to be had - so here's an old pic of my Peruvian pal.

From Darkest Peru to the douce West End, and all points inbetween, we're all in this together.