A brilliant wee pop of Polaroid colour to brighten up a cold day, courtesy of site follower Andy Macleod.

Andy says: "My late brother and I (I'm on the right) on the King George V Bridge, looking north to Oswald Street. Not a huge change really, although the dark building on the right, I believe one of the many bonded warehouses in the area, burnt down not too long after this (1967). It's a car park now. Not a car in sight, it must have been Sunday!"

No sign either of the half-lifeboat that once graced the outside of the pub on the Broomielaw, and the ugly Riverboat Casino was yet to lay anchor by the Clyde.

You'll notice too, that thanks to Glasgow's grid pattern of streets, we can deduce that this pic must have been taken around Noon, as the shadows of the boys' former selves is right behind them, like the gnomon on a sun dial.

Now, if this pair play their cards right, mum and dad might walk them up Oswald Street, for a visit to the old Wilson's Zoo,