How's this for a fabulously framed Art Nouveau glimpse of elegant Edwardian Glasgow?

Passing through Central this morning, it certainly wasn't as quiet as this; and it'll get a whole lot busier later today as everyone starts clocking off for Christmas, and heading home; to mum and dads, their grans, or off for a festive break.

While I realise the artist has used some license here, I love the uncluttered look of the huge open concourse. Mind you, even in 1908, when this postcard was published, the platforms would have been the usual heaving mass of humanity, all intent on reaching their destination, or bagging a window seat. Just think though, no snail's pace mobile phone gazers to dodge, or hot coffee-toting travellers to navigate your way around.

Although I know he was busy with the Glasgow School of Art at the time, I like to think that perhaps the elegantly-dressed gent, bottom right, might be the then 40-year-old Charles Rennie Mackintosh, setting off on a London or European jaunt in search of artistic inspiration.

As for the family group, bottom left, love the stylish titfers!

The real question, of course, is where would folk meet their mates?

With the station clock still attached to the John Menzies newsstand, you could hardly meet below that, unless you were working in the kiosk; and with the horrors of WWI still six years off, the 'shell' had yet to land in the station.

Whatever you're doing for Christmas, I wish you safe travels, and very happy arrivals.