Thousands of people will recognise this old building from their daily commute up and down Bearsden Road at Temple. Some will remember it as the Canal Bar, Restaurant and associated micro brewery.

The temple of timberThe temple of timberThe temple of timberThe temple of timberThe temple of timberThe temple of timberThe temple of timber

This Modern Movement building from the 1930s was the office block for Robinson Dunn & Co, owners of the Temple Saw Mills.

The company carried on business as timber merchant at Partick as well as at Temple.

Much of their work was with the Clyde shipyards, supplying timber and fine woods for the ships.

In 1933 the Partick mill closed due to lack of work. As well as supplying shipyards, the company also provided timber for other Glasgow companies such as Wylie & Lockhead funeral directors, and the the brewers W J & R Tennent.

A sympathetic one and two storey extension was added to the north by Nicoll Russell of Dundee in 1998 as part of the conversion of the office block to the Canal Bar and microbrewery. I wonder if there was any sawdust on the floors?

According to (a marvellous site), the bar/restaurant use ended in 2004 when the business closed down. Since then it has lain empty.

For the first years a for sale/rent sign was to be seen, but as time passed the building fell away from internet porperty listings and the signage fell away.

There are currently more typical signs of dereliction showing, the building has been broken into, multiple windows are smashed, large damp areas are appearing on the north walls, and the car park to the east is strewn with debris.

The building is category C listed and is on the Buildings at Risk Register.