I'm always delighted when someone goes off digging to reveal their own precious family photographs.

Douglas Graham on the roof of the City ChambersLooking down into the central courtyardGeorge SquareGeorge SquareThe long gone London and North Eastern Railway HQ - I'd quite forgotten that deep basementLooking north from the roof of the City ChambersLooking west from the roof of the City ChambersLooking down on the old Technical College in George StreetLooking south towards the Cathkin Braes.

Site follower Sam Leighton did just that, to share his grandfather's pictures.

Sam says: "I very much enjoy your Facebook page. I recently found a lot of my late grandfather's old medium format b&w negatives. I took high resolution scans of a few which may be of interest to you.

"They were taken in July 1948 on Ilford HP3 on 1/2 at 120 negative. Fine grain.

"Apologies for the huge file sizes but I reckoned the bigger the better.

"The ones from above were taken from the tower of city chambers in Glasgow.

"My grandfather was Douglas Graham, born in 1928, died 2017. He was a civil engineer. He is in one of the photos."