A fabulous glimpse of Edwardian Glasgow, thanks to our friends at the city's Rare Design Ltd.

No date on this submitted postcard image, but I had a word with Sylvia, the palmist advertised by the sandwich man, who consulted her tea leaves and told me that it must be post-November 1903, as that was the month and year Kate Cranston first opened the doors of her wonderful Mackintosh at the Willow tea rooms.

Much has changed in Sauchiehall Street since then, and not all for the better, but the good news is, the Willow is back to its best, and is as wonderful today as it ever was.

Looking at the clock on the corner, it's almost 12.30pm, so, who fancies a cuppa and a wee scone?

See Glasgow, see style, ye cannae whack it!

Picture: Postcard